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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Although Monday wasn't a very productive day for me, I more than made up for it yesterday. Because of the weather lately I've been neglecting the car, so I gave it the full treatment. Wash, wax, vinyl roof treatment, tire dressing, and leather treatment on the interior. Lookin' Good! Going to get a full cover for it while I'm out in it's big brother, because one day it's going to be a collector's item.

Next I went shopping for the RV, and found some nice things, like a wooden folding table for outside. I've already got a couple of neat collapsible chairs so that's looked after. Then a good sturdy outdoor carpet, so I should be all set under the awning. With the outdoor entertainment system built into the side, I guess you could say I'll be roughing it smoothly.

I put the new coffee machine in, but for times when I'm not plugged in, or don't want to run the generator, I bought a stainless steel percolator. I can set that on a grill over a campfire, or on the propane stove. Of course now I'm too broke to buy coffee, but I'll figure something out.

The rest of the shopping was just a whole lot of little things, with lot's more to come. Oh wait, I also bought a one million candle power AC/DC rechargeable lantern. Damn, you could weld with that thing!

The best part of the day came when I went down to my storage locker. I was like a kid in a candy store, because I had forgotten how much stuff I had down there. I'd hate to have to pay for all that gear now, but oh boy, am I going to be rigged up!

So all in all, a great day, with many more to come. As much as I hate whining, I hope you guys know that I also don't like crowing, but it's just so nice to have some good news to share.

As always, thanks for listening. Stay well guys.

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