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Monday, March 26, 2007

Morning folks. That familiar greeting has worn well, but since I've started the process towards a major life-style change, I might as well change that too. It's not a big thing, I admit, but I'm going to try to remove every part of the rut that Timmy has kept me in. So from now on, who knows. Something generic like... Hi guys, or if I'm in a mood, something like... Listen the hell up! (Kidding)

There is certainly no way I'm going to last until the end of May, in fact I don't think I'll make the end of April. After spending the day yesterday fussin' with it, I'm ready to get serious. I've already got most of the clothes I'll be taking in there, and there is still lot's of space left. God, a man could sleep in the bedroom closet. Other than some shelving and drawers on one side, it runs the width across the back. Along with some more shelving, and night stand drawers, there is more than enough storage space.

Same thing in the bathroom, lot's of space for towels, etc. Ditto for the medicine cabinet, also a great set of lights over the sink. The bathtub is a bit small, but since I'll just be using the shower, that's no matter. I didn't measure the height in there, or throughout the whole unit, but it must be 7 feet. Not at all confining.

Well, 2 rooms should be enough for today. I'll describe the rest another day, along with pictures, because I'm sure you'll agree, it is just so well laid out. I'm not thinking about it at the moment, but a person could absolutely live in there full-time. Down the road, who knows.

Today I'll start shopping for bedding, pots and pans, dishes (Corel) cutlery, etc. etc. I've got plenty of that stuff here, but I just want to start off with all new. The one thing the kitchen didn't have is a coffee machine, so I bought a new one for it and will put it in today.

There are a million little things to do and I'm loving every minute of it. No more boredom, putz with the motorhome. I got more done yesterday than I have in years, and I'm just starting. YESSS!!!

Thanks for letting me share guys.

P.S. I'm sending an e-mail off to Photobucket today to see if they can help me get the DVs to show on Blogger. I've paid for the Pro account, so earn your money damnit!

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