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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Morning folks. Don't mind me, but I'm still playing with this thing, no, not that, you pervs! , trying to get everything working properly. This picture pretty well sums up the way I feel this morning. Damn, it worked!

Slowly I'm getting things in order, but I'm still not ready to wrestle with Microsoft on the technical stuff, so I'll wait for Sparky The Wonder Lad to tackle that tomorrow.

I must admit that there have been times lately that I've felt like saying to heck with it all, but I do enjoy this blog thingy, and you guys, so I'm going to hang in. I try not to think of how much I've spent on all this stuff, because I'm afraid that I'd end up inviting Alexander Keith to share the misery with me. I've tried that, and believe me, that's not the answer. heh heh

Anyhoo, just more inane nattering, but if you can't bore your friends, what good are they? You didn't say that? You'd better hope they realize that you're just being playful. Sheesh!

Come onnnnn the end of May, I am so ready to get a life.

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