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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Howdy folks. Whoa, big fella, what are you doin' here? Are there only 2 days in your week? Sheesh, what a craven grab for attention!

I think I'm losin' it, talkin' to myself on my own blog. Fact is, this is still the mood I'm in.....

but it has nothing to do with you guys, or for that matter, this outlet which I enjoy.

It will be 5 years in June since I stepped down from the truck for the last time, and if I don't soon change my life I'm going to explode. I've fought the good fight, but now it's time to put all that behind me and move on as best I can, considering that Timmy will always be with me.

The trip last summer made me realize what I had to do, namely get out of the rut and back out where I belong, on the road. Finally it's going to happen, setbacks be damned! If I have to hole up somewhere, so be it.

I've been in contact with the dealer and everything I wanted looked at has been done. The only hitch is that my storage site won't be ready until the 26th, so it just means that it will be an extra week before I bring it home. Since I won't be leaving until the end of May it's not a big thing, but I am so anxious to get fussin' with it, and not being very patient, it's hard to chill.

Funny thing, when I said I'd see you in a week, I knew that was wrong, because I enjoy nattering on here. So next time I get PO'd, when am I never, I'll just stay away. No more acting like a whiny child.

Thanks for the kind comments.


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