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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Morning folks. Well, I made it up and back safely, although I must admit I'm draggin' butt this morning. As I got up into the mountains early yesterday morning I hit really heavy fog and icy roads. It was a little tense for a while trying to find the road by following the outline of the snowbanks. Luckily it worked or I would have been a very unpopular guy, because I had a string of cars following me. Actually it felt good, sort of back in my element.

The motor-home itself is a go. Everything was fine except for the engine running a bit rough. They agreed to correct that to my satisfaction, so I left a fully refundable (in writing) deposit. When they've done that I'll go back up, at their expense, check it out, and if all is as it should be I'll complete the deal.

The unit has more features than I realized, such as a great hydraulic levelling jacks system. With the controls right beside the driver's seat you can get all levelled before shutting down. Another neat thing is the back-up camera with outside audio pick-up. If someone is guiding you back you can hear him through the screen in the cab. Check Monday's post and you'll see the screen hanging below the TV.

I took it out for a good road test, and other than the engine being a bit rough, it handled real well. Steering, tires, brakes, exhaust system, etc etc, no problems. So the ball is in their court, I'm standing here with a check in my hands and if they want it, "un-rough" the damn engine!

They were actually real good people to deal with, and I'm confident things will get done properly. So by the time my space is ready, all systems should be go.

With a little seat-of-the-pants driving behind me, some 2-day old pizza for breakfast, I'm almost back to normal. By the way, what color is the fuzz on pizza supposed to be? Ah, it don't matter, it's staying down. heh heh

Later guys.

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