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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Morning folks. My oh my, how the pieces have fallen into place. Just as I was tiring of swimming upstream the tide turned, so to speak, and everything came together for me yesterday.

First off I've got a confirmed storage space, thanks to my ol' bud Bill the Barber. He and I have been friends for years, and when he learned about my plight he stepped in and voila', I was in. I think he is just trying to make up for all the lousy haircuts over the years. (Kidding!)

The lot itself is just 5 minutes away, and is perfect. Very level, covered with fine crushed rock, with each space marked out and numbered. It's surrounded by a chain link fence with rolls of concertina wire on top, and he tells me they've never had an incident. Damn, you might as well pass me a Bud Lite, because it can't get any better. But wait....

In about an hour I'm going to have a quick splash, fill my travellin' mug, grab my check-book, and head upcountry to buy the one I showed the pictures of yesterday. The only hitch would be if I found something during my inspection and test drive that was amiss. I don't anticipate any problems, but still.....

Because my space won't be ready for 2 weeks I'll leave it up there at the dealer's until Bill say's let's go get it. He'll come with me, then follow me home with the car. Of course I suppose he'll expect me to buy him breakfast on the way up, sheesh!, some people. Believe me, when all this is done I'll take him out for an evening we'll both remember.

The grapevine was definitely working (Boop) because my son Bob called and congratulated me and then dropped by after work for a glass of bubbly. Not only that, but he has a line on a car dolly so that I can tow my baby behind me when I go south this fall.

So, all in all, a helluva day. Can't wait to get it down here and start fussin' with it. I'm so anal with my things, especially vehicles, that I'll make it truly a home away from home.

You guys gave me so much encouragement last summer, with my attempt at a travel blog, that I'm determined, with your help, to do all I can to make this a trip that we'll all enjoy.

Thanks for listening guys.

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