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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Morning folks. Once again you guys showed yesterday, with your understanding of my talking about Timmy, why I say that you're important to me. I mentioned side effects, and at the risk of riding this horse into the ground, I'd like to tell you of one that I'm going through right now.

I'm sitting here with a bag of frozen vegetables on my right shoulder held on with one of those stretchy tensor bandages. When the tumor gets to really producing the growth hormone that started it all, it gets into my joints and it's bone on bone. When it's in my hands I can't even tear open a packet of Sugar Twin, or as I call it, unleaded sugar. This in a pair of hands that used to be able to spin a fuel filter off a truck engine without a filter wrench. It comes and goes, thankfully, but at times like this even sleep is out of the question. Okay, enough of that, let's do a little Bush-Whackin'.

I see that the faux cowboy is once again itching to prove his incompetentcy by threatening to invade, or a least bomb, Iran. Personally I think the decision has been made, and unless something is done to stop him, the world as we know it will change.

We all know how it will turn out.

With him having already bankrupted the treasury, decimated the military, and killed untold thousands, what will it take for the people to put a stop to the madness? Impeachment, which won't happen, is too good for him and his cabal, they need to stand trial at The Hague for crimes against humanity. That also won't happen, but one can dream.

Well, the frozen veggies have melted enough that the water is running down my side so I guess it's time to dry off. What a wonderful way to get through the night. NOT!!!

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