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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Morning folks. A lot of times in life we have great expectations of an event, and when it finally occurs we come away disappointed. Such was not the case yesterday, by any means.

There was absolutely no awkwardness upon meeting, and within minutes it was as though the intervening years had vanished. We ended up walking and talking for 6 hours, and learned that we have so much more to re-discover. So to that end he's coming here to my home early tomorrow morning (7 am) and we'll spend the full day together.

For two guys that lived such completely different lives it amazed me how much we have in common, almost to the point of finishing each other's sentences. The bond we formed all those years ago is still intact.

As for the pictures, by the time I even thought about them the day was over. That will not be the case tomorrow. I'm hoping the weather will cooperate because I want to spend some time down at the beach with him, so that would be a good place to take some. At any rate, it will get done.

I'll wait until after our next visit to put some thoughts together to share with you, because it really is a special thing to re-connect with someone like this. By the way Jim, when I come over some time in the spring for a visit, Lyle would like for the 3 of us to get together. We'll head to a watering hole and pretend we're back at the Wheat City in Brandon. Remember?

Okay guys, enough nattering. See ya Thursday with some pics and more thoughts.

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