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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Morning folks. Just popped in to say hey-howdy and let you know that all is well. I had the blood work done yesterday and should have the results on Friday. I'm not expecting any bad news because I've been living with these ups and downs for some time now, heck even the doctors don't know the reason for them. They also gave me a good physical, which I passed with flying colors except for a little lecture on not going overboard on the diet/exercise thingy.

I've always gone to the same lab for the blood work but yesterday they sent me to a new one where I was worked on by Cruella. Damn! I even offered to go home and get her a fork or a turkey baster, because she wasn't having much luck with the needle. For some reason she didn't want to take it from the back of my hand, where a nice big vein was sitting up, but instead insisted on digging around in my arm. Oh well, we got it done.

Now that the Boy King is making serious noises about invading Iran I wonder how close to midnight the hands on the Doomsday clock will get before this madness is stopped. With Afghanistan and Iraq in utter chaos, it's just a matter of time before all hell breaks loose, and yet he continues.

Hopefully some sanity will prevail, because there has been enough killing.

Hope all is well with you guys, and I'll see ya later.

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