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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Morning folks. In the what the hell are they thinking department is this little gem. While getting dressed yesterday the zipper let go on my jeans. No biggie, I'll just drop them off at the little seamstress shop in the mall. Just to be safe I thought I'd ask the price first. Good move. $18.95 + tax, for a total of $21.41. This in a shop that is next door to a department store that sells jeans for $23.95. Hmm, what to do? Decisions, decisions. NOT!

Here's a little picture puzzle for you, and if Peter and Merle don't get this I'm going to renounce their citizenship. Visit Peter's site, he's got a great one. Don't know what's happening with Merle's, I keep getting "Bad Gateway".

Let's see now. First a whine, then a puzzle, so how about some good news? Remember the 25 lbs I said I had gained from my latest tussle with Timmy? Well, as of this morning 11 of them are gone. YES!! Now it's just a matter of 1 lb a week and I'll be back in fighting trim by trip time (early June).

What happens is my thyroid gland gets out of whack because of the tumor and I swear I could gain weight by deep breathing. Let's hope things have settled down for a while, because there are just so many women, and so little time. Oh, give me a break!

On that note I'll bid you all (y'all) a good day. Later guys.

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