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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Well, here we are in a new year. I hope all of you made it through the festivities without doing something that has you banished to the doghouse, or worse. As for me it was quiet as usual, in fact I can't remember the last time I even stayed up till midnight. Besides, I never needed an occasion to do something stupid, I was so good at that I could do it anytime.

We're getting another blast of torrential rains and strong winds. I went for a walk this morning and finally folded up the umbrella before I got airborne. I'm back on that fitness kick again, you know..rice stuff..and walk my tush off. Funny thing, I ate everything that wasn't moving while on the trip and didn't gain a pound. Then I had that little bout with Timmy and presto..25 lbs. My balance is still a little wonky but I'm sure I can get back to where I was. In fact I have to because we're all going on another trip in June. I'll be telling you lots about it in future posts, but think Yukon, Robert Service's Cabin, gold panning, and a night of whooping it up with the showgirls at Diamond L'il's in Dawson City. I CAN'T WAIT!!

On the world front I see Commander Codpiece is still looking for a way out of the mess he created, with his lies, in Iraq. 3000 dead and counting and he's going to send more. Imagine, $2 billion a week on the "war" and he can't find a penny for the 46 million of his own citizens with no health care. Okay, off the soap-box.

Hope you're all doing well. See ya soon.

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