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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hi guys. Once again I wasn't planning on posting, but L'il Bear has been moping around here for a couple of days so I finally asked him what was bugging him. It seems he's a little put out because I didn't give him a chance to say Merry Xmas the other day, so little fella, the floor's all yours.

Yip Yip Woof Woof Wiggle Wiggle. Guess what?, he's gone back to sleep. Sheesh!

Another reason I showed up is to tell you about being taken for lunch by my son Bob. What an absolute pleasure it is to have a middle-aged son that you can talk with as an equal. No father-son competition, just mutual respect and love. He drops by when he can, and we talk on the phone a lot, but to be able to spend 3 hours alone means more to me than all the worldly goods I might have.

There will be 16 at the dinner table tomorrow, which will be great, but this was a special treat for me. I'm a blessed man in so many ways. A life that I look back on with pride, and a life I look forward to with hope. Add to that my blog family, and you can bet your boots this is a Merry Xmas for me.

So on that schmaltzy note I once again wish you all the best of this wonderful season.

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