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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Morning folks. I'm not sure who angered the weather gods out here on the West Coast, but enough already. Sheesh! Three weeks ago there was worry about water shortages and now we have severe flooding. In just the last few days we've had over a foot of rain in places, with more coming. I'm high and relatively dry where I sit, but many people not far from me have been evacuated, with some watching parts of their homes wash away.

With the hot dry winds fanning the flames in California, the flooding here, and 40 below weather in the Yukon, it's hard not to lend some credence to the Global Warming theory. The normal patterns are becoming much more pronounced, to the point of causing life-style changes.

While most in the scientific community support the theory, there are still those with vested interests who pooh-pooh the whole thing. One such is about to have his butt handed to him today, and another, our Bush lackey Stephen Harper, had better heed the lesson learned by Tony Blair. Hitching your wagon to that falling star is not smart.

I've often said that I'd like to come back in fifty years to see how bad it got before it blew apart. At the rate it's going I don't think it will take that long, because we're fast approaching the time when it might be too late.

Speaking of water, oh, great segue', I wonder if somebody slipped something into mine. What's with all this heavy stuff? Lighten the heck up! Hey, wait a minute, I'll blame it on Timmy.

I'm a little behind this morning because I had to do a little maintenance on my 'puter. The fan in the tower started racing like it does when I've got too many windows open, so I brought it out from under the desk and investigated. Oh my, blush, can you say dust bunnies. I ended up taking the back off of it, and with a damp cloth and a small brush fixed the problem. I'll post my rates, including travelling time, for anyone interested in having Duster Bob get rid of the bunnies.

On that serious note I'll bid you a good day. Go forth, and in the case of some, don't multiply.

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