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Monday, November 13, 2006

Morning folks. Although that picture of me on the left is only a year old, the way I've been feeling lately I thought I should update it. My bud Amerloc likes dogs, well, you don't get much more doggy than this. Now I'm goin to put you on the spot...what breed is it?

Actually it's not near that bad, but since I don't have any scintillating prose to share, I thought I'd just goof around.

On a more serious note, Betty Boop has developed an infection and is getting daily shots of a strong antibiotic. Her doctor feels they caught it in time, but still, when is it going to stop for her? Enough already!

Hope you realize that this is not a whine, just my way of keeping you up to date on things around the ol' El Rancho No Gotto.

Finally, how about a nice Canadian greeting to Preznint Ruprecht. Believe me Smirky, it's only going to get worse.

Take care guys.

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