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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hi guys. Since I've been a pretty good boy lately with the exercising, walking, dieting etc., I decided to give myself a treat and take my "baby" out for a drive. Besides, the sun finally showed up and the car needed to be run a bit to keep the battery charged up, and prevent the gaskets and seals from drying out. I am a fusspot, remember? Turned out to be a good move.

While I didn't set out to visit a casino, there are so many of them around here that by the time I came to the second one I thought, what the hey, I enjoy pulling a handle so why not pull in? Very good move!!

Maybe the Big Fella was rewarding me for wrestling Timmy to the ground again, because he sure smiled down on me. I started off on a $1 machine and did well right off the bat, cashed in when it got up there, and on the way out thought I would put a few of their dollars in a $5 machine. Second pull and all hell broke loose. YEEHAW!!

Lets just say that my (ugh) rice cakes are looked after for this year at least. Although I'm sticking to the stupid diet you can bet I'm going to treat myself to an evening out. Any of you interested in a night on the town? That's what I thought! heh heh

As you can tell, all is well with me, hope it's the same for you. Stop by if you can for some Saturday Chuckles. Later folks.

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