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Friday, January 19, 2007

Hi guys. Well, I've had my scare for this week at least. I usually get my blood test results by phone, but late yesterday the doctor's office called and said he wanted to see me this morning. When I asked why, they wouldn't tell me, just show up at 10 am.

So I fretted all night, and on the way into town in the salty slush, and it turned out to be all for naught. The results were normal, not real good, but normal for me. Whew! When I questioned why he couldn't have told me by phone he said that because he hadn't seen me in a while ( this is the specialist) he just wanted to talk to me in person. Fair enough, but damn doc, don't spook me like that.

So for now at least the medication dosage will stay the same, and no CT scan. He gave me an RX for pain pills ( percodan) but I'm going to hold off on those, except to have them here at home, because they're too easy to get dependant on, which just causes other problems.

So, much ado about nothing, but I do appreciate his caring. Stop by tomorrow, I'll round up a few chuckles. See ya later.

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