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Monday, March 05, 2007

Morning folks. Well, the hunt for the part-time home on wheels is coming along nicely. I've pared the list down to 3 that will fill the bill, but now have to set this aside until I can find a place to park/store whichever I buy.

This is turning out to be the hard part. Of 4 possibles, 3 have waiting lists, and the other is a mud hole which I can get into right away but don't really want to unless I have no other choice. I'm meeting a fellow this morning that I think can bump me up on his list, but it will still be about a month before he could get me in.

I've cancelled driving up-country today to look at one because until I find a spot for it, or any other, it's sort of a wasted trip, and at the price of gas here ($4.85/gal) I don't need a 500 mile drive that badly. At any rate this is probably the one that I'm going to buy, and just to show how ridiculous it was to even consider a new one, the full price is less than the first years depreciation on the new unit. Or put another way, it's only $12K more than just the taxes etc on the new one. Thank heavens for those bolts of reality. And I still have my "stuff". heh heh

Well, that should fill my natter quotient for the day. I'll be glad when this is finally resolved because I'm getting way behind on my Bush-Whackin', and Lord knows, the boy do need to be whacked. Wish me luck with the waiting-list fellow today.

Have a good week guys. See me later.

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