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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Morning folks. Well, I'm finally past the stage of talking the talk and am now starting to walk the walk. I've spent the last couple of days getting real serious about making the big move to an RV and hitting the road. Although I was quite taken by the one I showed the interior of on Tuesday, I've looked at so many others that it's apparent that I've got lots of homework to do.

Luckily I've got a very knowledgeable RV guy working with me that is willing to put the time in, because with a purchase of this size (150-200K) I've simply got to cover all the bases. Since I hadn't planned on leaving until June I'd be crazy not to investigate every avenue.

The more I get into it, the more I realize that buying the thing is the easy part. It's kinda scary as I look around my home to think that I'm basically going to give everything away and become a nomad. Too bad you guys weren't my neighbors, because I'm going to have a hell of an open want it....take's free. Yikes, what am I doing? Ahh, I'll get over it, it's just stuff.
The only hitch would be my health, but I've come this far and am going to stay positive. If I only got a couple of years out there it would all be worth it, because frankly I can't go on much longer letting Timmy run my life. I really feel that getting away from the stress of the rut I've been in would do me more good than all the doctors are doing, as well-intentioned as they might be.

Speaking of the docs, the specialist has ruled out cortisone shots. So be it, my stupid shoulder is the least of my concerns, the most pressing of which are the seating arrangements. I realize that your comments are just good-natured teasing, which I love, but believe me it would be such a treat to be able to take all of you for a spin. I've said it ad nauseum, but it's your encouragement that keeps me going at times.

I finally quit that dumb-assed diet I was on and now it's quite simple....if it doesn't move, eat it! Seems to be working well, although I'm not sure cuz I tossed the Toledos. Between shopping for the RV, and shopping for food, I'm about wore out. Love it! Finally got a purpose in life again.

Thanks for listening, and if the Good Lord is willing, and the harness holds, it won't be long and I'll be doing my Willy Nelson thang. On The Road Again!

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