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Friday, March 02, 2007

Morning folks. Well, the dream is still alive, but thankfully reality has settled in. I don't know why I even considered buying a new one when there are so many good deals around on used ones. I suppose that being told by the bank to buy whatever I wanted, and they'd make the numbers work for me, caused me to act like a kid in a candy store.

Fact is I can buy a real nice RV, and pay for it, for about what the depreciation would be on a new one in the first year. Shake your head! Not to mention who in their right mind would want to make payments when there is no need to. Hell, the taxes etc. on the new one were over $24K, which would take me a long way down the road.

So between my ol' bud up North, my sons, Boop, and the RV guy, questioning my sanity, I've seen the light. Now my plan is to beat the bushes and find 8 or 10 that would fit the bill, then slowly winnow that down to my new "home". I've already got 2 on the list, and on Monday I'm going up country to look at a couple more.

As for the "open house", that's still on, and dibbs have been called on half my stuff. Sheesh! what a bunch of vultures. heh heh

So if you don't mind a lot of nattering, I'll keep you posted on The Great Adventure. (Yikes!) Actually getting over the hump by making the big decision has already made me feel better, and I'm sure that as it goes along that will continue.

I've got some hah- hahs for tomorrow if you'd like to stop by, and maybe I can wake L'il Bear up for an appearance on Sunday. Stay well guys.

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