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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Morning folks. Just popped in to say hey-howdy, and answer your much appreciated comments. Without wanting it to sound dramatic, what I am about to embark on is a major change in my life, and having the support and encouragement of you guys is making it that much easier.

If all goes the way I'd like it to I'll spend approx 7 months a year on the road, and you're all coming along with me. I've still got a lot of homework to do in that regard, such as finding the right satellite system so that I can get online wirelessly when I'm out in the boonies. Any suggestions would be appreciated, and checked out.

I'm sure that as I go along with this the plans will need to be tweaked a bit, but if you don't mind a little nattering, I'll keep you informed.

Hey, what happened to.. just popped in to say hey-howdy? heh heh Ah well, it's just so nice to have something to be excited about, because it's been a while since I felt like this.

Take care guys. See ya later.

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