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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Morning folks. Well, now that the black cloud that settled over my head for a few days has dissipated, things are starting to look up again. Don't really understand what caused the foul mood, but once again I got through it. Thankfully no harm was done, because I can be a handful when I get like that.

The little hitch in bringing the RV home has eased a bit, in fact I'll be going up to get it a week from tomorrow. YAY! Also, yesterday I found the perfect bicycle to take with me. Good and sturdy, big ol' fat tires, and a carrying rack. Next will be finding a carrier to mount on the back of the motorhome to carry it. I'm also shopping for an inflatable rubber dinghy to take with me, not an ocean-going vessel, just some little thing I can use on a small lake or stream. I'll get an air compressor, fire up the generator on the RV, and I'm fishin'.

I also was in touch with a local animal shelter, and given the time I have before I leave, they feel sure they can find me a "L'il Bear". When I described the whole scenario to them they thought it was neat, and are going to do what they can to make it happen. Again, YAY

Buying a Bichon is probably not going to happen, because the price people are asking, $9-1500, is just too much. Especially when you consider the abandoned animals needing a home.

So all in all, it was a good day. Slowly things are coming together, and I'm sure it will continue. Hopefully my demeanor has changed enough that people won't cross the street when they see me coming. Kidding! (sort of, heh heh)

Take care guys, see ya later.

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