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Friday, March 16, 2007

Morning folks. I decided a couple of days ago to stay off this desktop in an effort to see if it would help my upper right arm and shoulder. I'm convinced that keeping it raised to use the mouse was causing an almost carpal tunnel type strain on them, because frankly my desk is too high. So I fired up the laptop from hell, and was using it on the dining room table, which is lower.

Within a day my arm was not near as sore, and all was going well until I messed up big time. After wrestling with that blankety-blank thing yesterday, de-fragging, running all the other tests, trying to update, etc. I clicked the wrong thing. I somehow erased every single thing on it, and I do mean everything! I can't even access my own wireless network because I can't find my WEP key. If I could find that I think I know how to use the Transfer Wizard, so I guess I''ll hunt down Sparky the Wonder Lad, pay him a bunch of money, and start over. Boy, this 'putin' sure is fun. NOT!

So if I don't show up for a day or three, it's not because I'm in a foul mood again (the hell I'm not!) it's because I'm working on my booboo. Or getting drunk. Or both.

You know, for a guy that doesn't have much going on, I can sure get into trouble. All those years on the road I'm surprised I found my way home, because I'm almost convinced that at times I'm too stupid to live. HEY!, you're not supposed to agree. heh heh

See ya later guys, if I can find my way back. Sheesh!

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