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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Morning folks. You know, I'd make someone a good wife. Whoa big fella, easy now! What brought that on is the great dinner I cooked up last night. Damn it was good.

Halibut steak, steamed white asparagus, and a Caesar salad. Then just to make sure I don't get too healthy, I topped it off with a rather large piece of cherry cheesecake. Got to admit it's nice to eat normal food again, no more of that diet nonsense. I'm going to adopt Popeye's attitude, I yam what I yam.

Not much happening around here today, other than getting the final touch-up on this thing. Also Sparky didn't transfer all my IncrediMail folders, contacts, and addresses over, so I'll get him to show me how to do it, because it's time I learned. Paying $80/hour when I never made $20 during my working life is starting to wear thin, and that included owning my own truck, the last of which cost me $145K.

In an average month I was on the road 26 days, and worked 14-16 hrs a day, to end up with approx $5K after expenses. Do the math. Thankfully I never did it for the money, it was my life, but still....

Well, that's about all the nattering I've got for now. Get through today, and then go get the land yacht early tomorrow. I'll probably stick a short 'wish me luck' post up before I leave, because it's sounding like we'll hit snow in the mountains.

Stay well guys.

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