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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hi guys. No chuckles this morning, nothing but good news, no, make that great news. All went well yesterday, to the point that I arrived back home at 5:30 in the afternoon with my new RV. Boy that sounds good, MY RV!

I simply can't say enough about how well I was treated by the dealer. As for fretting about whether they had done everything I wanted, they went above and beyond. I have a pretty critical eye when it comes to vehicles, and on a scale of 1 to 10, they had this one at 11. Mechanically sound, and detailed to the max.

I wasn't down the road 10 miles before I settled in, and by the time I got home, it was a part of me. Gave it a good chase through the mountains and it handled it like a champion. I'm so impressed at how it gets down the road. Buying a used vehicle is sometimes a coin toss, but I really feel I won the flip with this one.

These pics are not much, I admit, but it was a long day and I just wanted to get home. There will be lots more for sure, along with a better description of the unit, but for now I simply wanted to let you know that I'm safely, and happily, back home, and my new baby is safely in it's stall.

My buddy Bill, who was following me, says he got some good shots as we got higher and into the snow. He'll e-mail them to me and I'll stick them up when he does. I actually took a DV out the windshield as I was happily tooling along, had no trouble uploading it into Photobucket, but thanks to IE7, can't get it to show on here. All it wants to do is run on Windows Media Player.

Don't get me going on that stuff again, but before I take my money back from Sparky today I'll give him one more chance to fix this blasted problem. On my own I found a way to remove IE7, but am unsure of what else I might remove. Sort of, been there, done that.

Thanks for being a part of this little adventure, and I promise you, the real adventure is just starting. I so much appreciate your encouragement.

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