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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Morning folks. When L'il Bear found out what I was planning to do this morning he warned me that, not only would he bite me on the ankle again, he would gnaw through to the bone. The little guy just has no sense of ha-ha.

What I was going to do was tell you that this whole motorhome thing is just a charade, and beg your forgiveness. Hell, I was going to blame it all on Timmy.

Because they are costly, both to purchase and to operate, I was going to shamefully admit that I just couldn't swing it, and in fact could only afford this model.

But even I have to admit that sometimes my sense of humor can be a little weird. So.... never mind! heh heh

While not an exact replica, mine has 2 A/C units on top, and more windows, this model is just one more of the many things the dealer gave me. Things like:

1 yr road assistance
1 yr power train
3 mo appliance
$5K theft
2 night RV park
plus phone assistance for any questions I might have, and small things like a very nice cap, fancy keychains, pens, etc.

I shopped long and hard, and it paid off. All through my negotiations with the dealer I kept thinking, okay, where's the catch? Truth is there was no catch. They are truly good people.

If asked, I would not do a testimonial like this, but I do this one on my own willingly. I won't put the dealer's name on here, that's just me, but if anyone wants to know, simply contact me and I'll gladly provide it.

Well guys, as you can tell, I'm a happy camper, and going to get happier. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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