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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

For a day that started out with great promise, yesterday turned out a bummer. First I wrestled with the video posting for what seemed like hours until I finally had to just leave it. I eventually did get it resolved, but do not like the procedure you have to go through because of this new Blogger. Why do they have to keep fixing things when they're not broken? Last summer I had no problems at all with the DVs, now this. Oh well.

So to take a break from that stuff I loaded up some gear for the RV and took it over, thinking I'd spend a few hours there. I just nicely got the things stored away when I recognized the feeling I was getting. Every once in a while my "head pills" really kick my butt, and boy did they ever! I take the tumor medication on Monday and Thursday, and can sometimes go for weeks without a bad reaction, but not so yesterday.

Back home, and not willing to just curl up in a ball, I went back to the DVs. I now know 4 different ways to do it, and don't like any of them, so the day wasn't a total loss. In a way it was a good lesson for me, because I was flying so high with the progress I'd made in the last few days, that I'd forgotten about my constant companion. I'll give him credit, he tried, but once again I held him off.

The rest of the day I just sort of vegged out. Other than feeling like I had been rode hard and put away wet, I'm pretty well back to normal (?) today. Guess while I'm waiting for daylight I'll do some laundry so people will stop wrinkling their nose when they're close to me. Ah, that's just raw animal magnetism. Would you give me a break!

I'm looking at my to-do list here, and it's going to take me a month to get it done at this rate, so I'd best hop to it. Later guys.

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