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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Yesterday Jim commented on getting more snow, and I replied by saying that thankfully we were not getting the same here in Lotus Land. So after cooking up, and devouring, a great breakfast, I allowed Judles to win her bet by taking a 1 hour nap. I guess the weather Gods must have read my reply and decided that we'll show him, because this is what I woke up to. WTF?

The magnolia blossoms are just getting ready to open and it's snowing like crazy. So much for feeling smug about our weather here. In the 41+ years I've lived here this winter has been by far the most unpredictable, and to show the contrast here are a couple of pics from this time last year.

So Big Bear got a break yesterday, because after the work I put on the car there was no way I was driving it in the mess we ended up with. It didn't last long, in fact was mostly gone by 4 pm, but if this was God's little April Fool's joke, we are not amused.

I bought the bedding for the big fella yesterday, and managed to find a color to match the carpeting. Tres nice! Today I'll decide whether to spend $91.50 (with taxes) on a broom for it. Before you ask, what is wrong with your head? just wait, it's not what you might think. If I do it I'll post a picture when I install it.

I didn't sleep worth a poop last night, so I'm going back to bed and try again. See ya later.

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