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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Poor L'il Bear is worn out this morning, almost like my wallet. I found a great RV supply store yesterday, and by the time I was finished I realized that if I don't soon stop loading Big Bear up it will be too heavy to move, or I won't be able to afford to go anywhere. But it's fun!

My bud Bill the Barber is taking me to a favorite store of his just across the border in Bellingham WA. tomorrow to get, yes, more stuff! Nothing big, just a bit of fishing gear etc.

Also yesterday I created a bit of a stir at the local Car Wash. I had 3 pair of the greasiest, filthiest coveralls imaginable, that when I described them to the drycleaners, they jokingly threatened to call the police if I even came near their store with them. Same with the Laundromat, and no way was I using my washer/dryer.

So I chased them around the stall with the high pressure hose. What a scene! It worked, I got them clean, but by the time I washed the walls and floor down, I think it would have been cheaper to buy new ones. Oh well, whatever works.

To get them dry I had to break one of the rules here. I waited until dark, then hung them over the railing on my balcony. As I said, whatever works.

Not sure what kind of trouble I can get into today, but I'll find something. Wait, I know, I'll go shopping. There must be something in the area that I don't need, and haven't bought yet. And to think my life used to be boring. heh heh

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, probably see ya tomorrow.

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