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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The way I've been depleting the piggy bank lately I was due for a bargain, and boy did I get one yesterday. I am now the proud owner of a very nice 15-speed bike that cost me the sum total of... ZILCH, as in free.

When the fellow that parks beside me, a retired RCMP officer, asked me how things were going with getting Big Bear ready, I replied that I was slowly gathering the things I wanted. When I mentioned the bike I was going to buy for $100 he told me to save my money, took me to his locker, and said, it's yours, take it. Well, thank you sir!

So, into the trunk of the car, over to Big Bear, and started fussin' with it. Adjusted the seat height, the handle bars, the brakes, and the air in the tires. Then oiled the gears, the chain, and wiped it all down. I still had some spray paint left after doing the furnace vents, so I touched up a few spots. Lookin' good!

The RV site is pretty big so I had to give it a test drive. Boy did I ever, wore my legs out giving my butt a ride round and round the lot. That was fun, and of course good exercise. I did get a little bit done on Big Bear, but mostly just played with the bike.

Today I'll buy a carrier for it that attaches to the tow hitch, secure the bike with lock and chain, and I'll be all set. So you'd better not let me down big fella, because I now have an alternate form of transportation.

Oops, almost forgot, guess I'll have to buy a skid lid in case I fall down and go boom. C'mon daylight, I've got shopping to do.

Well, that should be enough nattering for today. If you made it this far, thanks for listening.

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