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Monday, April 16, 2007

Well, off we go on another week. I had hoped to post a ta dah! picture of the back of Big Bear this morning but a little problem cropped up. I forgot the #$% camera (blush).

I did get the bike carrier, broom, and thermometer mounted on the weekend, and it looks great. Today I'm going to put some foot-cleaning carpet on the steps that come out when you open the door, weather permitting, but it's not looking good in that regard. If it's too nasty I can find something to fuss with on the interior.

I might have to break down and go see the doctor about my shoulder and upper arm, because it's taking longer each day to get them working. I've got an ice-pack on there now, and it's helping a bit, but it'll take another hour or two before I can even have a shower.

It's probably just a flare-up of arthritis, or possibly from trying to do too much after being inactive for so long. If the latter is the case it will get a lot sorer, if that's possible, because I'm not stopping.

So there you have it, an admission of dumbness (camera), a progress report, and a whine. In other words, a well-rounded post.

Hope your week goes well. See ya later.

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