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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Having once been a co-owner of a boat I can attest that the old saying about it being a hole in the water, surrounded by fibreglass, into which you pour money, is true. I think I can now amend that to include RVs. Although I'm doing it willingly, I'm amazed at the things I can find to spend money on. $45K later and I'm still going, and if I soon don't get out of Dodge, I won't be able to afford to. But it's fun!

I'm glad that I paid my storage site ahead for a year, because with the price of gas here yesterday, $5.80/gal, I might have to spend the summer over there. Sheesh! I'm going to budget for 10 MPG, expect 11, and hope for 12. But at any rate, it's not cheap.

But to be truthful, and put things in perspective, I spent more on motels last summer in 1 month than I'll spend on gas this summer in 4 months. With an 80 gallon tank on the Bear it will be costly to fill up, but depending on what I'm doing, that fill could last a week or two. Whereas last trip it was anywhere from $100 to a high of $279 (only once thankfully) every night. With the Bear being pretty well stocked up with food, except for fresh, it won't be all that bad, but still there is a bit of sticker shock.

Well, there you have it, my whine for the day. Not really, but I didn't have anything else to natter about. Being Thursday it's time for my head pills, so here's hoping they don't kick my butt too hard. Hope not because Bill and I have a little project for today, and I don't want to get too growly. At least not until we get it done (heh heh).

Take care guys, see ya later.

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