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Monday, May 07, 2007

Well, let's try this again. Saturday I licensed and insured the Bear for a year, and was pleasantly surprised at the cost. In fact it was just a bit more than I pay for the car for full coverage. Also, since my BCAA Plus was up for renewal on the car I added the Bear with an RV Plus policy, so now with that and the road assistance policy the dealer gave me I'm well covered for any emergency.

Of course with the new plates I had to take it out for a run, mainly to see how things were going to ride the way I had them in there. Other than re-arranging the cupboards a bit, the only thing I had to do was adjust the latch on the bathroom door because I had too many heavy towels hanging on it. The only other thing I have to do is distribute the weight evenly in the storage compartments because I have a poop-load of gear, tools, spare parts, bottled water, canned food, etc.

I'm still on for leaving next Monday, but if the weather is as nice as they're predicting for the weekend, I might leave a couple of days early. Conversely if the weather is lousy I'll hang back a day or two. At any rate it's just a matter of days until I saddle up and ride.

Since I still don't have a L'il Bear, Boop bought me this little bear.

I think I've finally figured out how to get stuff, tell them you're leaving and they're so glad to see you go they buy you things. Hmmm, I wonder if this will work.....hey guys I'm leaving soon.

Hope you all have a good week, and I'll probably see ya tomorrow.

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