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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hi guys. Well, here I am, safe and sound at the home of my bud Ralphy in Ft. St. John B.C. I was just thinking that I used to make it up here with a load in 16 hours, but it took me 7 days in the Bear. Think I'm getting the hang of this RVing.

The drive up was great, weatherwise, although a bit cool at night. I mention that because on the second night the furnace quit, at -3C, but no biggie really because I still had the propane stove, plus a little electric space heater I bought for such an occurence. Since I was firing up the generator to make a pot of coffee anyway, it was easy to warm it up enough in here to get comfortable.

Had the entire furnace removed in Prince George, found the problem, burnt out motor, waited for parts, and on the 5th day we had heat. It was not a problem for me at all since I have nothing but time, and when you think of it, better to go where help is available than up in the boonies. The absolute silver lining in that little cloud was that everything was done on warranty, not a penny from me. I've told you how great the dealer treated me, well, the people who did the work, Happy Trails RV, were equally as great. Thanks Paul and John!

Here's just a couple of shots of the Bear getting ready to run up through the Fraser Canyon. As you can tell the by the color of the water, spring run-off of the snow in the mountains has started.

Well guys, I just wanted to check in and let you know that all is well. Ralphy and his wife Eleanor just got home from work, and since I'm parked at their place I'd better be a good guest and visit a while. I plan to stay here for at least a few days, so I'll get caught up on comments, some pictures, etc.

See you tomorrow.

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