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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hard to believe that I've been here 5 days already, with only one more to go before I move on. I guess it's true that time flies when you're having fun, because I've been places where 5 hours seemed like forever. I really haven't been doing any "fun" things, whatever they are, but basically just re-connecting.

I sometimes sit here in the Bear, taking in my surroundings, and marvel that I made it, and that my dream has just begun. It was a long, and sometimes rocky road, but none of that matters now, it's truly onward and upward. That might seem a bit hammy, but believe me, when you've been down so low that you are basically written off, the sentiment barely covers how I feel.

Today I'm going to call the folks over at Happy Trails RV in Prince George, where I had the furnace repaired, and get their opinion on my installing a solar panel. I was looking at one yesterday, and almost bought it, but just want to check with people who proved to me that they have my best interest at heart.

Although I have new deep-cycle coach batteries, and a 5KW generator, I am determined that no matter the situation, I'll be so self-sufficient that I'll be able to "rough it smoothly". If I get caught in a freak storm for a few days, and it does happen up here, I want to be so well-equipped that I can ride it out without worry. Also, because I have so much storage space underneath, and even though it's more weight for the Bear to pack, I'm going to carry along a good supply of firewood. So, with the amount of food, water, and fuel I carry (both gas and propane), I should be in good shape.

Another thing I'm "carrying" along on this odyssey, that makes it so special for me, is you guys. Last summer you proved to me that, just like the folks at Happy Trails, you have my best interests at heart. I might be travelling alone, but I'm far from being alone, and that, dear friends, warms the cockles o' me heart.

I don't know when the transition from being an extremely hard-assed individual to one that gets the warm fuzzies began, but one thing I do know is that you guys are a big part of it. Okay, lets move along, but first a big ol' group hug.

I'll get some pictures of myself and my hosts, Ralph and Eleanor, today, and post them tomorrow before I leave. Sadly, once underway, it will probably be a week or more before I get back online. Since Judles, bless her heart, has volunteered to be a surrogate poster for me, I'll try to keep in touch that way.

Take care of yourselves guys, and I'll see ya tomorrow.

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