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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Boy, you've got to be made of pretty hearty stock to RV up in this country at this time of the year. Not that many hours ago it got up to over 80F in here, and I had both A/Cs running because I'm plugged in, to now sitting here with the furnace blasting because it's barely above freezing outside (35F). They're predicting nice weather for the next few days, so once I get past the morning frost things will be fine.

I made a couple of calls yesterday and located some drivers I know, so we're going to meet at the local truck-em-up this morning and grind some gears. The stories should flow today, never missed a shift, always had a big payload on, and was never late. Yeah right!

Had a little excitement here late last night. 2 of the young local native lads decided they were going to steal the bike off the back of the Bear. They were so busy trying to get it off (not going to happen) that they didn't hear me slip out the driver's door, sneak down the side, and come around the back with a 1,000,000 candle-power light in one hand, and a 3-foot wooden attitude-adjuster, with added enhancements embedded in the tip, in the other. The light froze them, and when I took a swipe at them with the stick, they decided that was enough and high-tailed it. Just as well, because I didn't want to tussle with them, but the element of surprise was on my side.

Well, the sun is up, but there's nobody up yet to play with, so I guess I'll put another pot on and maybe make a little brekky. Those late-night escapades build up an appetite. heh heh

Take care of yourselves, and I'll see ya later.

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