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Monday, June 04, 2007

Morning folks. I haven't used that greeting in a while, and it feels right, so maybe it's time to put it back in use. A lot of time I have trouble getting started, and that simple thing seems to open the dialog, if you will.

Before I begin today's nattering, here's just one more shot of that great camping site at Muncho Lake. That's the Alaska Highway rounding the outcropping of rocks on the left. I could sit there and watch, and wave to, the trucks going by. As for the noise, it was music to my ears.

Since check-out time here is 11 am, and I don't plan to go very far today, I'm going to stay here until my time's up. Don't mean to be whiny, but at $38 a night, I'm going to use all I paid for. As soon as the laundromat opens I'll start on 3 plus weeks of dirty clothes, bedding etc. At $6 a load I might have to sell one of the wheels off the Bear to pay for it, but at least I'll be clean. Also another shower, my third here, because with all the smell-good I've got on I might get lucky today. Dream on, ya ol' fool!

Here's some more shots from yesterday. The first is THE shot I've been waiting to take. The Bear is finally home.

This is where I am at the moment.

Another neat wood carving.

This is the place that I didn't go for a cold one. Checked it out last night, but didn't sample any of their "wares"

When I left Muncho yesterday it was 39F, this is what it was when I checked in here. I told you, you've got to be hearty stock up in this country. A place where a man is a man, and the sheep run scared. I've got this thermometer mounted on the window of the Bear.

Well, there you have it guys. I only hope you enjoy these posts half as much as I do putting them up. The next time I get online for sure will be when I check into the Robert Service campground in Whitehorse. I'll try in Teslin, but am not confident.

When I do finally get there I plan to stay a week or so, and that will give me lots of time to start describing what this trip means to me, and also what it means to have you guys along. One without the other would just not be the same. As I said before, I may be travelling alone, but I'm far from being alone.

Take care of yourselves, wish me luck, and I'll see you soon.

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