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Friday, June 15, 2007

Hi guys. Before I start describing how wonderful it is for me to be here in Dawson City, I'll leave that for the next posts, let's get caught up chronologically.

Left Nugget City on Monday the 4th and just drove a short distance to a government campsite at Big Creek. Don't have much for pictures except these two. I had the Bear parked right along the water and slept with the bedroom window open. So peaceful. Also thought it was nice of them to leave chocolate-covered almonds along the trails.

Tuesday on to Teslin, a little further than I wanted, but it worked out great.

At the lookout on the hill down into Teslin. Manys the time I bounced 18 wheels across that bridge.

This, for those that aren't sure, is a Wolverine. Toughest, nastiest creature in the bush. Took this at the lodge.

Stopped at the Government office for these. A beautiful Wood Bison.

This blew me away. That's a Grizzly skull on the left, then a Black Bear, then a Lynx.

Oh oh Bear, let's get out of here.

This is getting too long already, and we're only on the second of eleven days. Plus I've got more pics for this day. Let's do this, I'll post every once in a while, and hope that there is enough of interest for you to keep checking back, and hopefully sort out. Sorry for the schmozzle, but we'll get 'er done in time. Also, click to embiggen (Goob's word).

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