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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Okay, let's bring the trip up to Dawson, then I can start putting some local pics and commentary up. I'll be leaving this RV Park tomorrow, crossing the Yukon River on the ferry, and setting up in the Government campsite. Which means of course no internet, or anything else for that matter, but I'll bring the Bear back across for 2 days a week and keep you up to date.

Sorry for the confusion, but if you just scroll down to last Saturday (8th) and work your way back up it should all make sense.

Left Whitehorse Tuesday morning, went to Lake Laberge, and camped there for the night. Real nice spot, but as before I'll show you it on the way back.

Wednesday on to an old historic roadhouse along the trail, and ended up parking there for the night.
Inside the place, with the old cookstove in the corner. I believe this place is 85 years old.

In it's day.

Thursday morning on to Moose Creek. Again, nice place, no pictures. My bad. Stopped at this Lookout, and by the time I made it back up those stairs I was a wreck. Worse than scaling the rocks last year at Cape Spear.

Friday morning into Dawson. So there you have it guys. Before I leave here I'll put a post up later today, then one in the morning, because I've got lots of pics, and some natterin'.

I met a couple this morning from Elmira NY, and when I told them I knew someone from Tonawanda, they said "oh, you know Goob"? You do get around, don't you? heh heh

Later guys.

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