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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Morning folks. Little slow off the mark this morning, for me at least. Guess yesterday took more out of me than I realized. Maybe Judles is right, I am just an ol' fart (the nerve!).

At any rate, getting back to our oddysey, I last left you in Teslin, Mile 804 on the Alaska Highway. I continued on just a short stretch that day to this spot, where I stayed for 2 days. You'll notice a key word on that sign.

It was here that I met up with my bud Ken, who I was originally going to go with. He was on his way back, while I of course was still northbound. His little chowhound is named Punkin', and could she dig holes! We'd be busy sitting at the table BSing, and we'd look over and all you could see was her little butt stuck in the air and the rocks just a flying. Too funny!

On Thurs, the 7th, I went on to Marsh Lake, not far out of Whitehorse. I had intended to stay here, Squanga Lake, but the mosquitos were just more than I could handle. They say no sense, no feeling, and it might be true, because I'd look at my arm and they were having a feast. Had to get out of there before I needed a blood transfusion.

Don't know why I didn't take pictures at Marsh Lake, because in a lot of ways it was at least as nice a spot as Muncho, where I stayed for a few days. Oh well, get some on the way back.

Friday got me into Whitehorse , for the first real disappointment of the trip. Of the 3 people I had intended to see, one had passed away, one had moved away, and the last was just away. Should have called ahead, but my schedule is so loose that I just play it by ear. The other bummer (@#%*) was the RV parks(?). I spent all Saturday morning trying to find one with internet access, and the closest I got was one that said it usually works, sometimes. HUH? One even said Good Luck as she was about to swipe my debit card. Let's just say the card changed hands, quickly!

Other than these, for some reason I didn't get many pictures. Guess I was pissed. I'll do better on the way back.

So, after 4 days of spinning my wheels and getting nowhere, I left on Tuesday morning and headed this way. I'm going to get another gallon or so of coffee into me now, and the next post will catch us up to date.

If you're still with me I thank you. As usual I hope that you're all well, and wish that you were here in person to share this dream of mine. In some ways you are. Later.

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