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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Morning folks. Well, here I am up at my usual time, 3 am, feeling great, and with so many thoughts in my head. Oh, where to start? Before I begin I should mention that I'm thinking of staying here in this RV park for one more day, because I'm enjoying being back on here with you guys, and once I cross I'll be incommunicado until I come back over. We'll see.

Wandering around town here the last couple of days, soaking up the history, feeling the peace I've long sought, makes me realize how truly fortunate I am. To have wrestled Timmy to at least a draw, and finally reach my goal, humbles me. Over time I'll try to express what it all means to me, but for now just know that as I sit here in the Bear chatting with you, I'm at peace.

Okay, enough of the heavy stuff, show us some damn pictures! Ooh, feeling a little testy are we? Alright, in no particular order, here's a few:

On Friday I mentioned to Big Dave that I was getting tired of my own cooking, and was going out for dinner. This is where I went. Feeling adventurous I ordered the Artic Char Quesadilla with a Lime Margarita (real Yukon fare). I realize that it is tourist season, but I'd have been better off to stay at home and have a can of sardines and a glass of Gatorade. Lord!

This is the cabin of Jack London, who wrote, among other things, The Call of the Wild.

For my Canadian friends, this is the birth home of Pierre Berton. Should have stood further back I know, but for the price, that's what you get. It's just a few hundred feet from both Robert Service's and Jack London's. Oops, where did the picture go? Oh well, I'll put it up later. Sorry.

Finding this beautiful home in the same area blew me away. Especially when I learned that it is owned by a single retired female schoolteacher. Now do you know why I'd like to live here? KIDDING!

Check out the mural on the back of this kick-ass motorhome. Beautiful! These folks are from Mt. Rainier WA.

People arrive here in all kinds of "RVs". I'll bet this fellow from Minnesota got better gas mileage than I did.

So there you have it guys, my offering for today. If you don't hear from me later today, or in the morning, it will simply mean that I've gone camping and will be back in 5 or 6 days. If you haven't already read the previous post, please do so, because it is special to me. Thanks.

Take care of yourselves, and I'll see you soon.

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