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Monday, July 02, 2007

Morning folks. First I want to start by apologizing for not replying to your comments yesterday. I did try, a number of times, but with no luck. I always enjoy chatting with you, but especially wanted to let you know the relief I felt for not being taken to task for that diatribe at the end of the last post. Not real proud of that, but felt better for doing it.

Went downtown yesterday and took in the Canada Day celebrations. By the time I caught a ride I missed the parade but still wandered around and enjoyed the festivities. Listened to a couple of thankfully short speeches, chatted with folks from literally all over the world, and possibly broke the record for number of hot dogs eaten. Hey! they were good, and they were free. My momma didn't raise no fool.

Got lots of neat pictures that I wish that I could post without fear of losing them, but I will get them up however, and whenever. Some I took at the, ahem, museum. My tutor wasn't there to distract me, so I spent some time going back in history. What a wonderful job they've done in preserving the past.

Also got a couple of pictures of my new "love". The owner wasn't home, but I'll be going back over there today, because he's going to let me take some pictures of the interior. He said "I hope you don't mind taking your shoes off". Hell, I'd take my clothes off to see this thing!

He's a retired trucker from Ontario, that took the biggest model of Volvo highway tractor, and built a motorhome out of it. Unbelievable! The insurance company appraised it at $800,000, but there's no way you could replace it for that. I've mentioned the best of both worlds, and this is my idea of that. I'll try a picture of it now, and hope like heck it shows up, along with this post for that matter.

This picture really doesn't do it justice, you'd have to see it "live" to appreciate it. But I wanted to get this up now to show you what has captured my heart. When I told the fellow about how I'm thinking seriously of full-timing it as a life-style, and would he like a driver, he said that if he didn't have the missus along, what a blast we could have. Damn straight!

As before, there is so much to show and tell, and over time I will get it done, but for now I'll try and get this much up. I'll keep playing with it, hey, I heard that!, and whenever I can get on I will.

Thanks again for hanging in with me, and this blankety-blank connection.

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