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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Morning folks. Back in town a day early because I had to concede victory to the mosquitoes. First time ever I've seen them so bad that even though I was completely covered, including a T-shirt tied around my head, they got up into my nose. I know I've got a good-sized honker, but DAMN!

Other than that pesky little problem the trip to Tombstone was great. Enjoyed the campsite, got lots of pics, and even a souvenir from one of my hikes. It's not a world-class specimen, but I brought back a set of Caribou antlers. One side has been chewed up by the critters, but still. I'll put a pic up later.

For now I'm going to settle in here at the RV park, a different one, and as before I'll be updating through the day until we're caught up with the natterin' and the pics.

Here's a few to get started:

This is where I just got back from. Heaven on earth!

This is where I stayed.

My site, with the Klondike river in the background.

We don't need no steenking Tombstone Explorer, right Bear?

Little Dempster Interpretive Center humor.

Hope you're all well, and I'll see you later today.

Update...5 pm.

I've been hours trying to get back online here. Of course they assured me the signal was strong. GRRR! At any rate I'll try this and hope it makes it.

Here's some more pics from the last excursion:

We finally got a little rain. Here are a couple of the boys that just came off the Dempster.

If you look at the top corners of his grill you'll see the damage from an encounter with a moose. That's what prompted him to put this skookum moose -humper bumper on his Peter-car.

Hey Ralphy, remember this place. The one-armed guy that I threatened to pull the other wing off of is no longer there. Too bad, I'll bet I would have got good service this time. A fellow from Inuvik is leasing it now.

Yum Yum!

Actual jail from Dawson City in 1910.

Not going to try any natterin' in case this doesn't make it. Signal should be stronger during the night ( I hope).

See ya in the morning.

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