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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Morning folks. Well, I just crawled out of my lair, and have started priming the pump with some coffee. I usually inhale the first cup, then settle down as everything comes into focus.

My first thoughts this morning are where have the last two days gone. It doesn't matter whether I'm camping, in town, or moving from place to place, I'm enjoying this so much that I wish that I could freeze time.

The other thing that I'm enjoying the hell out of is being able to share this little odyssey I'm on with you guys, and the encouragement I get from you by your comments. One without the other would still be fine, but together they complete the package for me.

In a few short hours I'll start getting ready to head up to Tombstone. But first another shower, a little brekky, stow things so that they don't end up on the floor, dump my holding tanks, fill the other tanks ( yes, even the water this time ), last minute shopping, and on to the next adventure. My camera batteries are all charged up, along with the coach batteries, and I hope to have some nice shots to share when I come back to Dawson, probably in 4 or 5 days.

But first here are a few more from the ones I've taken around here:

This is the original Bank of Commerce where Robert Service worked. Hey partner, if you're going to wear shorts, get a pair that fit you. And what's with the color of those socks? Sheesh!

Yesterday I mentioned permafrost, and here is a shot of a bucket of dirt being dug out of a lot right behind where I'm sitting. When you embiggen you can see the chunks of ice. They will dig out the lot, fill it with proper "dirt", then start the building. It was well over 100F when I took that.

Alex seemed impressed with the mansion on the hill. Wonder how she'll feel about me now when she sees the only "mansion" I can afford? Hey, c'mon Alex, it's a start.

This is a shot of the ferry ramp on the other side of the river, also the start of the Top of the World Highway. The campground I was at, and that I'm returning to, is just off to the right along the river.

Finally, the birth home of Pierre Berton that I messed up the other day.

Well, there you have it guys. I've taken so many pictures, and will be taking so many more, that it would take forever to put them in any kind of order. So I'll just keep putting them up at random, and trust that they make some kind of sense.

Once again, thanks to all of you for allowing me to share. Wish me luck, and I'll probably see you next on Wednesday. Also, as always, take care of yourselves.

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