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Friday, June 29, 2007

Morning folks. Well, here we are, first post from my new home, Guggieville. Don't know the origin, or background, of that name but I'll find out today. I must have settled in because I just got up a bit ago and noticed that I had gone to bed and left everything open. I know I was tired when I turned in, but holy smokes, even the door was open, except for the screen . All the windows open except for the screens, blinds up, table and chair still outside with the entertainment center still playing on low, lights on, etc. Hell, I even had to go outside to get my coffee cup.

Guess it's a safe place because everything's still intact, but I don't think I'll pull that stunt again. I remember having dinner, cleaning up, and lying on the couch, but that's it. Don't even remember going to bed, but that's where I found myself this morning, still flopped on top of he covers.

Although it was hotter than heck here yesterday, I was quite comfortable in the Bear without the A/C. The 15 amp service I have won't run the A/C, the 30 amp will run one, and the 50 amp will run both. Trouble is that each step up is another $150. So I thought I'd try what I have with all the awnings up (4), a bit of shade, and the way I'm parked in relation to the sun. It worked fine, plus I still have my generator for a back-up if needed, but it can't stay this hot much longer.

Internet access is another thing though, the signal is even worse here, but for some reason I seem to be able to get on even though most times it says no signal, or very low ( 1 Mpbs ). I've even had people sit outside my place that can't get on, so go figure.

Think I'll stick a few pics up and try to publish, and if it works I can come back later with a bit more. Hang with me, we'll figure it out.

Well, that didn't work. I'll try to publish just this. By the way Judles I haven't answered your mail because I can't get the Shaw site open. Again, we'll figure it out somehow. The manager said that it seems to work in the laundromat so that's maybe what I'll have to do until the signal is fixed.

Ah hell, the little thingy just popped up, I forgot to turn on the surge bar. Maybe that was the problem, or the fact that I've got to wake up. Sheesh!

Let's try some pics again:

I can't afford any more gold for you Judles, so I found you this boid house for your warblers.

Although if you want to come up here you can pan for some in this sluice box. You should be able to see the gold in the gravel here.

This is the type of Quartzy rock that is prevalent in this area, and as you know I'm sure, usually when you find quartz, you find gold.

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