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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Morning folks. I'm going to try real hard to keep my temper in check, but I just spent over 2 hours putting what I thought was a good post together, and other than the pics below, it's gone. I don't know whether it was because of the crappy signal here, something Blogger did, or what, but I don't have the heart to start over. I swear I could punch out a Kenworth right now, damn this is frustrating!

Basically I talked about how much I'm enjoying my time up here in the North, and how I'm thinking about staying put in an RV park for a month instead of this out and back, which is wearing thin. I also nattered about finding a home for Baby Bear, the bike, and why. I'll work it all in later, because I can't bring myself to re-typing 12 paragraphs right now. DAMN!

I don't even have the heart to caption these, but I'll try.

Heading up the Dempster it pays to be prepared, because as this sign says, it's a long way to help of any kind.

This is a shot, taken from a sign at the beginning of the road, of the Dempster in full bloom.

This shot I took at the entrance to the campsite at Tombstone, looking south. The road runs up through the hills in the background.

I took this inside the Dempster Interpretive Center. That's a Peregrine Falcon getting ready to attack a ptarmigan.

And finally at the home of The Great White Hunter.

Please excuse the whining. Also, for the late-comers, and because I wasn't due until today, please excuse the blog-whoring, but there is a post from yesterday just below.

I'll be back later today, if I can get on here, and let you know what I've decided to do about staying put in an RV park here for a month.

Update..11:45 am

Just got back from walking into town to mail a letter and pick up some groceries. Reminded me of the old joke about the fellow that asked the farmer how far it was into town. "Oh, about 2 miles as the crow flies". "Oh yeah, how about if the crow is walking and carrying 3 bags of groceries"? Thought I'd never get back.

Don't know how much to trust this getting out, so I'll back out and try to put some pics up later.

Update numero deux... 2 pm

Ah sheesh, not this stuff again. Hey! Put a cork in it.

Since I seem to be able to get on here I thought I'd give you the news now. For the next month you can call me Sourdough, instead of Sourpuss. I just rented a site at the park next door for a full month at, for this area, a reasonable price. Took a little finagling, but I got it done. They're actually real nice people, up here for the season from Saskatchewan to manage the park.

The big question now is how good the Wi-Fi signal is over there. Let's hope for the best, because I've got so much to show you and natter about.

Hope to stick a post up early in the morning before I move over.

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