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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Morning folks, although I'm cheating a bit by starting this yesterday in case I run into the Blogger gremlins again. I really shouldn't blame Blogger because everyone here is having problems due to the very weak signal. At any rate, let's give it a try.

I mentioned that Baby Bear (the bike) is no longer with me so I should explain. I tinkered with the gears, sprockets, and chain so much that I had it running great. So great in fact that I was spending so much time on it that my knees started bothering me. I'd go off for a ride in the morning, and for the rest of the day I was almost limping.

One day at the campsite across the river I met a retired fellow, along with his son and grandson. He said every time I look over you're heading off on the bike, so I told him about my knees, and said that I'd like to find someone that could use it. The young fellow asked his Dad if he could take it. Well, duh! So the last time I saw the bike it was heading to Phoenix AZ, by way of Anchorage AK.

But I might see it again this fall, because the old fellow, after learning of my plans, invited me to park at his place outside of Phoenix if I go down that way. That is neat!

This morning I'll be moving over to the RV park next door, where I've rented a site for a month. I'm hoping that I have better luck on here, because there is so much to show and tell you about. Also the going out for a few days, then coming back in was wearing thin. Now I'll be able to plan my time a little better.

Health-wise I'm doing great. I still have the odd bad day, mostly from the "head-meds", but in general it's not anything that I'm not used to. Although I'm eating well, because of staying busy I've taken some weight off, almost back to fighting trim. But I think the main benefit of being up here for me is no stress. I'm where I want to be, and doing what I want to be doing.

Okay, enough about me, let's have some pictures.

The weather has been so hot here lately that this is considered a cloudy day. It popped over the hill, saw the temperature, and left.

This is an actual freight sled, pulled by dogs of course, that hauled goods from Whitehorse to here.

This shot I took in the museum, of the goods available in the General Store back then.

Another derelict paddle-wheeler on the Yukon River. That's the tinder box that burnt 1 1/2 cords, hand cut, per hour.

Just a shot of the interior of one.

Tomorrow another fellow and I are going to tour an old gold dredge about 9 miles out of town. Hopefully I'll get some good shots there. Once I get settled in my new home I'll try a post, so I might see you later today. Bye for now.

Update...12:45 pm

Well, I'm in my new home. I rented a site with just 15 amp service, which means I can't run the A/C, but with all my awnings out, the big Fantastik fan running, and a few scrawny shade trees, I'm OK. If it does get hotter than I can handle I can always fire up the generator and run both A/Cs long enough to cool things down.

Already have taken some neat pics here and will share them later. The WiFi is spotty but so far I'm the only RV in here that can get online. Let's hope it stays that way.

Se ya later today.

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