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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Morning folks. I'm actually starting this Wednesday afternoon while Dixie the Dog is just finishing up nap #312. She's a sly one, she pretends to be sleeping, but is actually guarding the Bear, and is ready to pounce on an hour's notice.

Now to how I ended up with her. Monday afternoon 2 families, in separate RVs but travelling together, pulled in and set up just across from me. While I noticed, I didn't pay much attention.

Tuesday morning I'm out wandering around, and seeing Alberta plates on their vehicles, I stopped and said Hi. It turns out they are both truckers from Edmonton, so naturally we started shifting a few gears. After sitting and chatting a while, I noticed what turned out to be Dixie and her sister Daisy. That's when I mentioned that I had been looking for a small companion, and the wheels started turning. The family with the dogs also have 3 children, and it can get understandably hectic.

Daisy takes everything in stride, but Dixie seems to like a quieter environment. So they suggested me taking her for the day, and see how we get along. She settled in here with me so well that they were impressed, as I was with how well she behaved.

So yesterday it was more of the same. While they were off scouting around, Dixie and I spent the day together. A few walks, a few naps for her, and it was obvious that she had found a home. They of course love Dixie, and are comfortable, and happy, that she will be cared for.

We decided to make the transfer this morning when they leave, since she's already used to coming over here. I'll keep her busy enough that hopefully in a few days she'll have gotten over any loneliness for them.

She has all her papers, and is up to date on her shots, so I guess it's Trucker Bob and Dixie the Dog, driving off into the sunset.

It's funny how things work out. All it took was the right people getting together, and both interests were served.

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