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Friday, July 06, 2007

Morning folks. After making a munchie run into town to say Hi to the hottie at the store, and re-aquaint myself with someone we all love, because nobody doesn't like Sara Lee, I came back and spent another peaceful day at Chez Bear. There's no doubt about it, I can handle this life style. No traffic, no phones, nobody pi**ing me off, just me and my thoughts. And memories, lots and lots of good memories.

I've been in Dawson City, and area, for 3 weeks now, with 3 weeks to go before it will be time to start the slow trip home. As much as I've seen, it makes me realize how much more there is to see. For the first time I'm regretting not having the car along, but it would not have made sense to drag it all the way up here just to go to town every few days. Plus I didn't know at the time that I'd end up sitting in one spot for a month. The hitch-hiking, bumming rides, and walking is getting tiresome though.

Yesterday for example I had no trouble hitching into town and back, but it's almost like somebody hung the Closed sign out, because the park is almost empty. I didn't see a soul stir all day, they're either all dead, or hiding because Trucker Bob wants a ride somewhere.

Now a word about the inability to post pictures, bad connection, etc etc. This in fact will be the last I talk about it, because even I am getting tired of it. Just know that I'll continue trying, and if I can get some to show up, great, if not the sun will still rise in the east.

Well guys, thanks for hanging in with me, and have yourselves a good week-end. Me, I'm going to sit here with my ears on alert, and when I hear a vehicle start, I'm on it. Never mind where you want to go, what about me? heh heh

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