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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Morning folks. How do I tell you this without breaking my self-imposed "quit talking about it rule"? Ah heck, sometimes rules are made to be broken.

Today I have an even more legitimate reason for not posting a picture, other than this ridiculously bad connection, and that is that I haven't taken one yet. Huh? Let me explain. Please do, and hurry up!

Although I haven't taken full possession yet, that will happen today, it looks like I am now the proud papa of a real live L'il Bear. Her name is Dixie, and she is a pure-bred, spayed, six-year old Jack Russell Terrier. She spent the day with me yesterday, and settled in like this had been her home all along. I set her blanket outside by the door, turned the radio on low, and once she had sniffed her surroundings, down she went for a nap. Too cute!

The only time she would stir is when I'd go to the door with the leash and ask her if she wanted to go for a walk. She'd get up, stretch, and get her stubby little tail a-waggin'. Not once did she make a sound, even when other dogs would walk by.

I'd go out, take her off the chain, put her on the leash, and off we'd go. I'm not sure who wore who out, but man did we put some miles on! Never did I have to yank the leash or scold her, she followed along like we'd been doing this forever. We'd get back, and before I put her on the chain, I'd sit in the chair, and without a word from me she'd jump up on my lap.

She comes complete with all the "trimmings", kennel, chain, leash, food, etc etc., not to mention being so very well trained. Since this is already getting a bit long I'll tell you how this all came about tomorrow.

It's a big responsibility, that I don't take lightly, so wish me luck. Now I can finally take that walk down the trail with my L'il Bear.

See you tomorrow with the whole story, and pictures. I hope!!

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