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Monday, July 09, 2007

Morning folks. Since I didn't need anything from town yesterday, I spent a quiet day at "home". Getting to love those days, go for a walk, do some reading, little housework, etc. Very relaxing.

Had a fellow and his wife and 84 year old Dad from Peace River Alberta move in beside me, and what a great visit I had with the old guy. He worked up here in the '50s, and was able to fill in a lot of the questions I had about different things. They invited me over for a little barbeque last night, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. They are staying another day so I'll be the host at a little soiree' at Chez Bear tonight. Guess I'll have to make a run to town today, because I don't think Kraft Dinner and weinies would create the proper ambience.

The price of gas hit $6.68/gal ($1.469/lt) here yesterday, and while none of us like it, I especially get a kick out of the American tourists. They seem to take it as a personal affront. Hey, cowboy up dude, now you know how the rest of the world is paying through the nose for your shenanigans. World Oil Price my butt, Canada has oceans of oil, but has to bow down to the Great White Satan. Since I've been out of the loop news-wise, that's as close as I can get to Bush-Whackin'.

Our weather has finally settled down from the extremes of blistering heat and torrential rains. Cools off nicely at night for those who can sleep (ahem), and by 10 or 11 am it's get out and wander about time.

Well, I'm starting to spin my wheels here, so I'll wish you all a good week, and probably see you tomorrow. I have been trying to get some pics up (oops, can't whine about that) with no luck, but maybe later.

Take care guys.

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